Excellent site!
Stephen Todd
Its a pity I didn't find the site when looking for a house, however, I will certainly recommend it to anyone I know who is planning a move - really its one of the best sites I've come across!! Kate Langley
Your pages are very user friendly and the system for requesting further details works very well...with prompt results. Thanks Sandra Macfarlane
Your site is now complete as I can look at rentals without leaving my desk! Sammy F
One of the best homesearch web browser I have come across: well done! It's fast with good graphics and clear and the extra information is unparalleled. Sally Norris
I'd just like to say that I have been looking for property for quite sometime and this site has to be the best I have found. Most of the other sites had never even heard of the area I was looking for. Your site along with it's links to estate agents is very helpful. Keep up the good work! Katie Wilkinson
We would like to unsubscribe to the free email alert service as we have found a property to purchase and will be moving in shortly. Thanks for the assistance with our home finding. Jo Greenhalgh
Many thanks indeed for your help... within minutes of my email I had a call from Charles and the user name / password - our properties have been set up on the Homepages database, all very straightforward. Thank you. John Johnson
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Great! Please send me the Homepages!
Janette & Michael Winnem
May I congratulate you on a very professional and easy to use web site Excellent Lesley Baxter
Thank you. A very prompt service. I received details in the post yesterday morning! Iain Kilbank
I was very impressed by your webpage and was particularly taken with the information on the local schools. We're hoping to move to the area and the information was really useful. Thankyou. Robert Gue
It's a good site, there arn't many which are as well thought out as this one. Its also good because it speaks the language of the end user not technical jargon. I'm looking forward to viewing the WAP version when I get my new Nokia next week. Gary Bray
Great site, informative and user friendly... Leonard Scholl
Thank you for responding so promptly. Peter Hunter
I love your service to help look at listings Valencia Haynes
Thank you for all your help while we were looking for a property. Well done - an excellent service. 1st time we have used it. We now have found a property outside Elgin Christina Able
I think it is brilliant, except where the Estate Agents don't put pictures in as it is really difficult to see if it is a property you are interested in, when you are out of the area, you can't just drive round and look on the off chance, so it is easier if you can see it. 'Wilky'
Great website you have here - actually gives me a good mind to sell instead of rent. Fiona Williams
Truly Excellent - this is far and away the best site of its kind on the entire Web - the information and precise, up-to-date, and I have received printed information in excellent time! Rick D. Joshua
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Was interesting to browse your pages. I am a resident of Karachi Pakistan. Shirley Valika
Well,what can I say, the site is very user friendly with the added aspect of being the best! Will Waldron, Warwick
We are first time visitors to your site and think it is fantastic. How wonderful it is to be able to request more information about properties online. Dr. J. Ifekwunigwe
YOUR SERVICE IS WONDERFUL. John Okonkwo, Los Angeles
I think your site is excellent in terms of the coverage, access to details, etc. Nikki Rimmer
I love the site Rex Bigger, Capital Radio
This is a wonderful way to shop for a property, thank you. Avril Rea, Cornwall
Your service is excellent Jonathan Hart
Your Site Rocks! G.Michaels
What a great site; if I win 20 million on the lottery this weekend I will buy it!!! Charlie McIntosh
Excellent information, exactly what I was looking for - thanks! Especially like the local area info re. schools, etc
Your homepages services is wonderful! I live in Rome and have to come to London to buy a property in September and the service is helping me enormously. Please continue
Excellent. The main thing for first time buyers(or those who haven't time to familiarise themselves with the property game) is that they have somewhere they can refer to that they trust. The site should be as up to date as possible. That way it takes away a lot of the 'pain' of how/where to start looking.
Thank you for the information that you have been sending it was very useful. I would use your site should I ever think of moving again
Best website used so far