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Welcome to moneyextra homepages quickfind  

Find a home on your PDA!

The UK's leading Internet property website is now available on your PDA!

Using our cut down interface, specifically designed for surfing on the move, you can now search for homes on your Pocket PC, Psion or other PDA.

What this means to you is that no matter where you are or what you are doing you can check the UK property market to see what is available. Not only that; if you find something of interest you can contact the agent directly, then and there, to ask for more details and make an appointment - it's that easy.

Just browse to our PDA-ready version of the Homepages site :

Information for Palm users
Palm users

We have a web clipping version of our PDA-ready site available specifically for Palm users.

Palm's innovative web clipping architecture allows you to search for homes, from your Palm. After setting up your Palm Pilot (details are on the Palm page) you simply download a Palm Query Application (PQA) to your Palm, which sits in your Apps folder. Tapping it gives you access, via a suitable phone or modem, to the lists of homes from Homepage's database More information is available here

Try it for yourself

This is a working demonstration of Homepages on your PDA. It simulates the screens you should see using your browser. Click in the input boxes to enter your criteria and then click Search. Use the green back arrow on the status line (back next to View Tools) to go back a page


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