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Welcome to moneyextra homepages quickfind  

Find a home in your Palm!

The UK's leading Internet property website is now available on your Palm handheld!

Using Palm's Web Clipping technology, you can now search for homes on your Palm III, Palm V, VII ...

What this means to you is that no matter where you are or what you are doing you can check the UK property market to see what is available. Not only that; if you find something of interest you can contact the agent directly, then and there, to ask for more details and make an appointment - it's that easy.

Set up your palm and download the Homepages PQA according to the Setup Guide below. Then, tap Apps. You should now have Homepages on your Palm under the apps group Your Apps page should look like the screen shot left. Tap on the Homepages icon, and you will be prompted for a placename (or postcode), a price range and the number of bedrooms. Now tap on the search button

You should get a list of properties, up to eight on a page. Click on a link to bring up the property. If you ticked the 'text only' box you will be offered a link to the photo rather than an inline photo (but these are less than 3K in size)

Setting up your Palm

There are four stages to setting up your Palm

  • Upgrade to Palm OS 3.5
  • If you are not already running at least Palm OS 3.5 you will need to upgrade. You can find the Palm OS version 3.5 on the PalmOne website. Download the latest update of version 3.5 and upload onto your Palm
  • Install the six web clipping '.PRC's
  • You will need the six web clipping PRCs installed on your Palm before you can run any web clipping applications. Download these (130K), unzip them and install them via Hotsync onto your palm
    Click here to download

  • Set up web access via a mobile phone or modem
  • You will need to set up modem access to the web via your phone and to set up the IP address for the web clipping proxy server at Palm. To get web access started you will need an infrared phone or modem connection and an ISP dialup account. Refer to your phone or modem setup to setup dialup access to the internet via your ISP account. Once you have set that up, you need to configure the proxy server at Palm that compresses the web clippings to save your download times. Under 'prefs', tap 'Wireless' from the drop down list. Set the Proxy IP address to be :

  • Download the Homepages PQA (Palm Query Application)
  • You will need to install the Homepages PQA on your Palm to be able to search for homes in your Palm. Download it (1K), install it via Hotsync onto your palm
    Click here to download

    Other Palm web clipping applications

    Palm have a whole host of web clipping applications available here including chess, FedEx tracking etc.

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