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Welcome to Homepages quickfind  

Selling your home with Homepages

So, you're thinking of selling your own home. Before you rush into anything, make sure you are aware of all the things an estate agent would do for you; it isn't just a case of showing a few people around and taking a couple of pictures. Estate agents make it look easy, and in some cases it can be, but usually there's more to selling someone else's house than meets the eye.

As you would probably guess, our preferred policy is to take the details of your home direct from your estate agent - we don't want to tread on anyones toes here. Besides, if the agent you have chosen doesn't already list with us, that may be all they need to make their mind up about listing all their properties with us.

However, if you have already decided that you are going to sell your home yourself we would be very happy to list it for you. We are not an estate agent, so we would not provide any of the services that you could expect from an estate agent, such as help with negotiations, setting the price for your home or showing people around. We are an effective method of advertising your home that brings homebuyers to you via email.

Our service to private sellers

You can send us as much text and as many photographs as you can reasonably put together. We will list your property for as long as you need us to; until either you tell us that it is sold or that it has been withdrawn from the market for whatever reason. The name, address and contact details of any homebuyers who express an interest in your property will be sent to you automatically by email. Your property will be included in our free email alert service for any alerts that it matches.

We do not charge commission because we are not an estate agent. We charge a simple, one-off, flat fee of 50 plus VAT. Please make cheques payable to Homepages Ltd. If you would prefer to pay by credit or debit card and arrange it all now over the phone, call 01494 865563. Better still, fill in the on-line form below.

Send your property details to or post them to the address on our Contact Us page. We will need to know the amount you would like to put the property on the market for and its full postcode, as well as your name and email and postal addresses. Please state clearly which of these details you would not like us to list on the website against your property (many people do not wish to have their home phone number or even the address listed, and we will respect your wishes).

Online property registration form

Your name: * *this and all other fields so marked must be completed.
Email address: * The email address given here will be used to tell you when a potential buyer has registered an interest in your property
tick to make this email address available on the website to enquirers
Property address: * Note that the full address will not be visible to potential buyers. We need at least the property's location (or your full address if you would like an invoice).
Full postcode: * We need the full postcode to slot the property into our searches
Bedrooms: *
Living rooms: *
Bathrooms: * Please include en-suites and shower rooms
Selling price: * £
Sale type: 
Description: * Try to include any features which may tempt prospective buyers such as views, wood floors, high ceilings, parking, large garden etc. As your own agent you are responsible for the accuracy of this description under law.
tick to make this number available on the website to enquirers
tick to make this number available on the website to enquirers
Credit card no:  exp. iss.
tick this box if you wish us to phone you for payment details instead
Total charge is 50+vat to register your property as a private seller. We do not charge commmission

Photos: You can send us as many photographs as you can find (within reason). Remember to include a shot of the front of the property (or rear if that is more appropriate) to use as the main image for the details. Send the photos as JPEGs to Alternatively, post some colour photos to the address on our contact us page and we will scan them for you (remember to include your name and address and reference number if you have been given one). If you name the photos we will try to slot them into the description at the right points.

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