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Buying a house involves lots of legal work. This is known as conveyancing. A solicitor or licensed-conveyor can do this for you. The solicitor will check contracts, perform local-authority & title searches, liase 100% with the seller/their solicitor and look into lease's for leasehold properties. Basically the solicitor is there to make sure that the seller is entitled to sell what he is selling, and that no-one else can come along after and claim rights over your property. Fidler & Pepper solicitors have written a free beginners guide to conveyancing for Homepages visitors - click here to see a copy, which you can then print out and keep.

Even for the cheapest of houses expect to pay several hundred pounds in costs, much of which you will not see the direct benefit of with the average high street solicitor as they are often hidden (see below for an online up-front quote, however). Remember that you may well have stamp-duty to pay on top of this. Allow 1% to 3.5% of the house price for this. Apart from search fees which are paid as you go along, you pay the main costs of the solicitor just a day or so before completion.

We have arranged an immediate online quote system to quote for conveyancing that you can keep tabs on over the internet through your own password protected pages. It includes a full breakdown of all the other niggly little things you have to pay out, and a clear explanation of what all these things mean. Fill in this form to get a quote from Fidler & Pepper solicitors. Together we will provide you with an immediate online quote system to let you know all the costs up front. Should you then instruct Fidler & Pepper you can keep tabs on the progress of your matter over the internet through your own password protected pages.

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Need a Free Lawyer?

We have also arranged for access to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) database on housing law together with a plain english explanation of housing law in England and Wales (note that the law is different in many aspects in Scotland). Please check their user agreement carefully and remember that the content of their site is for information only - it isn't supposed to replace legal advice from a solicitor


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