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Welcome to Homepages quickfind  

Homepages helps take the stress from house-hunting in the UK. Using our database, you can search for properties that meet your specific needs. You can view full details of the properties or request the estate agent to send them directly to you by post. The links allows you to look at a map of the area, find the local schools (and even view their OFSTED report) or find other local services. The E-mail notification service means that we will inform you when a property becomes available that matches your requirements, so you needn't worry about not spotting your dream home when it is put on the market - So is the only UK property website you'll ever need!

If there is anything that you don't understand and that isn't answered on this help page then please use our online comments form or contact us using the details on our Contact Us page.

Search Page

The search page is the entry point to Homepages. Type in the area you want to live, the price range you're interested in and, if you want, how many bedrooms. Press the 'Start the search' button and we'll search our database for properties that match your requirement. Homepages is a new service, and we currently have thousands of houses and flats in London, the Home Counties and the North West. We are sorry if your area isn't covered yet - but we'll get there soon. You will find that you can also search from the small search box down the left hand side of most pages

The three input boxes are after your requirements:
Enter a placename or an area name. We aim to have every village, town, city and major suburb across the England, Scotland and Wales, plus counties, boroughs and some larger areas. Just use one placename at a time. You can also search by postcode area eg HP16
Price Range
Enter your price range. You can omit the '000s if you wish (unless you are looking into the millions) or use K as an abbreviation. You can specify a range (100-120), a starting price (80+), just one price (eg 100K), or a ceiling (<160,000). It may start just under the price you specify (as, for all intents and purposes, 99,950 is really 100K) and go a little over, and will list the properties in ascending order, cheapest first. If you don't specify a price range it will show you everything, most expensive first.
Enter the number of bedrooms you need if this is important. If you enter a number of bedrooms it will be used as the minimum, although you can overide this by specifying a range. The home with more bedrooms will be listed before those with less for the same price.

Search Results page

The search results brings back summary information about the houses that match your criteria together with a small picture if we have one. If we have the full details of a property, there will be a 'See more details' link to take you to this page. In any case, there will be a 'register interest' box. If you tick this box we will arrange for the full details of the property to be sent to you by post, or even for you to view it, which means that we will have to ask for your details (see the personal details section).

Enter Personal Details page

In order that we can arrange for full propety details to be sent out to you, we need to know a bit about you. To save you from typing it all in again the next time you want some property details sent to you, the details you enter on this screen will be stored on your computer in the form of a 'cookie' (a note that we will store safely on your computer that only you and Homepages can read). There is a tickbox to decline contacts from any other parties - if you say so we will only use your details to arrange for the property details that you request to be sent to you - and for nothing else. If you want to go on our Free Email Alert list, you may do so, but you won't be automatically subscribed.

Full Property details

This page shows the full property particulars for one property as produced by the estate agent, and is reached by clicking on the photo or the See more details link. There is a much bigger picture (and there may be more of them including IPIX 360° views, as in this example) and a full description of the property. At the bottom of the picture there are a number of links that you will find useful:

  • a map showing the location of the property, often to within 200m
  • lists of local primary & secondary schools, and colleges
    (you can even see the OFSTED report of each school!)
  • local house prices, crime rates etc
  • local services such as solicitors, removals etc
  • train times, with the nearest station filled in, where appropriate

Advanced Search Page

If you have tighter requirements than can be found on the search page, go to the Advanced search screen. Here, you can search the database for many criteria, including the number of bathrooms or specific words in the description. You can also search for properties that have been added to the database since a certain date (automatically set to when you last visited the Homepages site). This helps to quickly find new properties, although a simpler method is to set up a free Email Alert to keep you informed of new properties as they join our database

Free E-mail Alert

If you would like to be kept informed of new homes that meet your requirements as they come onto the market, you can set up a free E-mail Alert. Every day, as we load more properties onto the database, we'll check to see if any of them match your needs. If they do, we'll tell you about them.

Search the Web

To save you from working out how to rephrase your property requirements on other UK property web sites, we have provided a metasearch page. Doing one search on this page does a search on a number of UK property sites and lists the number of properties found on each one, together with a link to take you direct to the results. As this page has to search a number of different web sites, many of which are not as fast as Homepages, this can take a few seconds to load. Now Homepages is truly the only UK property website you'll ever need!

Still stuck?

If, after reading all that, there is anything that still isn't clear then please use our online comments form or contact us using the details on our Contact Us page.

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