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Area Check

When it comes to moving, many people move only a mile or so up the road. Part of the reason for this, some experts believe, is that the time and effort needed to find all the information and resources that a homeowner needs is just too high. Moving somewhere nearby saves on this effort; finding the good supermarket, where the bus routes go to, what time the library is open until, where the doctors are, what sorts of issues local residents are facing. Often, however, this option is not available, such as when relocating because of work or to be nearer to loved ones. This is where an area check service comes in.

Areacheck UK was set up in July 2000 to provide homebuyer's with an unbiased, personal survey, ensuring peace of mind and less stress throughout the moving process. Their ethos is simple - making you happy makes them happy

They are nation-wide specialists helping you make the right choice in purchasing your future home. With the increasing pace and demands of the housing market it is important to move fast and with confidence. Nowadays, day to day environmental issues are continuously in the media. It is essential to be aware of pollution, crime trends, nearby development, local schools and of course your future neighbours!

Their research has shown that when viewing a property, normally on an evening or a weekend, you don't get to experience the day to day environment that you could be living in. Figures also show that people view their homes only 3 times before putting in an offer, unaware that their next door neighbour may well be the "neighbour from hell."

Amongst other things, their check delves into :

  • Neighbourhood Interviews
  • Noise Pollution and Traffic
  • Parking, Garages, Drive Access
  • Bad Credit Records
  • Crime and Police Activity
  • Schools, Further Education & Employment
  • Local Planning Applications and Flight Paths
  • Public Transport, Local Maps and Amenities
  • Environmental Issues and contaminated land sites

Their fees within the UK average at around 250, for a week's surveillance and full report of the findings. Great value for money, considering the time you save and vital information you gain from their report, which we hope you refer to again and again. Fees do vary depending on location and personal requirement. Your report will be delivered to your home recorded delivery at an agreed time to suit you. Whether you're looking to purchase a property in the UK or overseas, Areacheck UK has the right package for you.

Please use the form below to supply us with details of your search criteria. Filling out all the boxes will enable an immediate search. You will be contacted shortly to confirm your request. 

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Please provide the following information on the property you would like Areacheck UK to quote you on:


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